Are you
Taco to me?

Miami, 2014

A long queue forms at the door to the newest restaurant in town, a small eatery in Wynwood, the art district, attracted by the good music, good food and a good bar.

Word has it that the latest restaurant in the area, created by two Americans and a Mexican, serves traditional recipes with the best ingredients in a fiesta-style atmosphere.


The name is derived from Mexico City’s most artistic neighbourhood – Coyoacán – home to Frida Kahlo, among others. It is so successful that two more branches are planned for Brickell and Palm Beach.


Principe Real, 2018

The wait for the most traditional tacos in Lisbon is over. The fever for Mexican food has arrived in town and is in full fury in Príncipe Real. Everyone has been caught up in it!

An electric blue door – the colour that characterises the restaurant – is the gateway into the most Mexican spot in the neighbourhood.

Coyo Taco is all about street culture. Good food, good music and a good bar. Burritos, margaritas, tequila and fiesta!


Cais do Sodré, 2019

The second Coyo Taco in Lisbon is a vibrant spot, with a dynamic service where you can ask in the counter and be served in the table.

Here, sharing is caring, with three wood tables for big groups or to make new friends! And, in between, one more taco?


At Coyo Taco, luck is on your side, and that’s not just because of the Loteria Mexicana references everywhere. There’s fun, sharing and a hand-picked playlist to ensure an experience where there are few rules to hold you back.

Our team is always on hand and there to help. And to bring you another taco or our spicy sauce, if you can handle it. Does anyone need an excuse to order another margarita? Una más?